When building a simulation, it is critical that the models, both physics/mechanics and visual, represent the real world object as accurately as possible. Even though the WWII U-boats were closely guarded, over time (through historical accounts, released documents, and even a captured U-boat now turned into a museum), information has become more readily available for those who seek it.

After weeks of research I have amassed enough information to incorporate into the game. My focus, from the start, was to simulate the majority of the U-boat fleet, the VIIC . The blueprints I am using as a reference for most of the work are:

VIIC blueprints

These blueprints are used to ensure all underlying physics models, buoyancy objects, physical forces, water/air drag surfaces are accurately modeled and will help when positioning internal components.

Since the physics model is hidden from the player, it is crucial I use a 3D model which matches the blueprints (and the real sub) as closely as possible (so when a wave hits the physics model and adds force to the underlying model, the 3D model matches the force visually. Here is the model I’ve settled on, incredibly accurate and gorgeous!







And here it is in game so far!

Header Image





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