U-Boat simulator is a PC simulation game currently being developed by me, Marius Dornean, under MariusSoft LLC / Overworked Studios.

The goal of the game is to bring a new level of simulation to the genre. Similar to the DCS games, where realism is core, the U-boat Simulator will attempt to recreate the key aspects of the VIIC Uboat.

An example of my vision:

  • Set dive planes individually
  • Blow each ballast tank manually, including trim tanks
  • Control the pressure valves on the starting air flasks for each diesel
  • Hook up one diesel to the electric motor in generator mode and run the other shaft via electric only by transferring the power to it
  • Replicate the conditions of Das Boot and have you work through pumping the water out and using the last liter of compressed air to surface, etc…